Discover the Future of Flight in Seattle

Seattle is a technologically advanced haven and houses one of the most amazing  places, the Boeing Factory. Boeing, the leading manufacturer of aircraft has a factory covering an area of 472,000,00 cubic feet.

Each tourist visiting the Boeing factory is given a tour of certain parts of the factory and the tours begin from 9:00am in the morning to 3:00pm in the afternoon every day, except on holidays. With entry fees of $15, one gets an informative tour of the factory and most importantly the 'Future of Flight' area.

The Future of Flight area of the factory is dedicated to futuristic and technologically advanced aircraft. The manufacturing of Boeing 747, 767, 777 and the gigantic 787 took place in the Future of Flight area of the Boeing factory.

What is the Main Attraction of the Future of Flight?

The 787-dream liner is the newest production of the Boeing factory and is humongous when compared to the original Dreamliners and jetliners. When compared to a PanAm aircraft, the 787 was obviously dwarfing it.

What are the Features of the 787 Dreamliner?

The 787 Dreamliner is fitted with the most latest and advanced technology possible and aims at making air travel easier and more comfortable. Their new design claims to reduce the jet-lagged feeling experienced by the passengers.

The 787 achieves this feat by lowering the cabin pressure to 6,500 feet inside the cabin as compared to the original 8,500 feet. Another attraction of the 787 is that it will feature electronic shades that will enable passengers to control the transparency.

The interiors of the 787 are fitted with dynamic lighting and ultra comfortable seating panels. The first 787 Dreamliner took its first flight in 2008.

What are the Other Features of the Future of Flight building?

The Future of Flight building also includes a hanger where huge planes are assembled before being delivered to the buyer. The assembly of an aircraft is a spectacular sight; it is an amazing feeling to see such a huge machine being assembled that would then fly high in the air. Along with other exhibits, one can also design one's own jet and take it for a test drive as well. The XJ5 simulator lets you experience the thrill of flying at supersonic speeds. The building also houses a merchandise store, which sells Boeing factory merchandise.

The Future of Flight is a haven for aircraft lovers. The entire tour lasts for about 90 minutes and proves to be an extremely educational and informative tour. With the ongoing rapid researches, the Future of Flight building is soon to see many new aircraft with mind blowing new technological abilities and increased comfort levels.

Boeing has been the leading name in aircraft manufacturing for years and it has maintained its reputation despite the competition. The Future of Flight building reflects the hard work put in by the team at Boeing to create better aircraft, which ensure safety and comfort of the passengers.


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Discover the Future of Flight in Seattle

Seattle is a technologically advanced haven and houses one of the most amazing  places, the Boeing Factory. Boeing, the leading manufacturer of aircraft has a factory covering an area of 472,000,00 cubic feet.Each tourist visiting the Boeing factory is given a tour of certain parts of the fact ... ...