Get Ready for Comicpalooza

Comicpalooza is the biggest annual multi-genre festival which celebrates comic books, anime, science fiction and gaming. It is one of the largest pop culture conventions held every year in Houston, Texas.

Organised by Startling Events, LLC., the Comicpalooza was first held in 2008 and since then has attracted thousands of comic book, gaming, anime and science fiction lovers from all over the world. The 2015 Comicpalooza will be held from May 22-25 and promises to be larger than ever.

The venue of the 2015 Comicpalooza will be the George. R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston and the convention is planned to be a four-day event with some of the biggest names in the world of comics making their appearances.

A Haven for Gaming Lovers

The 2015 Comicpalooza will entice gaming lovers with games such as Star Wars Miniature Battles, League of Legends, The Great Hunt, Tavern Masters, Mortal Combat X, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Dagon Rising!, Game Lords and many more.

The 2015 Comicpalooza has several gaming sessions organised every day to keep the gamers occupied and provide them the fun that they were promised.

A Star Studded Event

Comicpalooza 2015 claims to dazzle all the guests, gamers and comic book lovers with its array of stars that are to adorn the convention with their presence. Television and movie actors, comic book developers, gamers, cosplay artists and many more are slated to attend the four-day long convention. Some of the big names are:  

  • Stan Lee, legendary comic creator
  • George Takei, played Mr. Sulu in the iconic series Star Trek
  • WWE Superstar Sting
  • Henry Winkler from 70s series 'Happy Days'
  • Cory Michael Smith who plays 'The Riddler' on Gotham
  • Sean Pertwee who plays Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler in Gotham
  • Camren Bicondova who plays the Catwoman on Gotham
  • Spencer Doe, a famous cosplay artist from Boston.
  • Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye


Like every year, the main attraction of the Comicpalooza will be programming, which is deemed to be better and grander than last year. This year the programming will continue for all the four days of the convention and will take place in 35 different rooms.

These rooms vary in size and range from small 50 seat panel rooms to humongous 3,800 seat General Assembly Hall. In addition to this, the 2015 Comicpalooza will also have a theater, which will play movies throughout the convention, all four days.

The 2015 Comicpalooza promises to deliver double the fun and excitement in addition to a wonderful experience in every possible way in this multi-gene convention. Registration for Comicpalooza is open and those interested are welcome to register and experience the convention.

The Comicpalooza 2015 is special also because of the fact that it is the first time that anime is being featured as a category in Comicpalooza. The inclusion of anime will attract anime lovers and as a result add to the popularity of the event. 


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Get Ready for Comicpalooza

Comicpalooza is the biggest annual multi-genre festival which celebrates comic books, anime, science fiction and gaming. It is one of the largest pop culture conventions held every year in Houston, Texas.Organised by Startling Events, LLC., the Comicpalooza was first held in 2008 and since then has ...

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