7 Ways to Experience the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio

Four college students from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio were granted consent in 1960 to explore this area. On the fourth cave spelunking adventure, the students located large caverns under the 60 foot limestone bridge. The landowners developed the first ½ mile of the caverns for tourists. The Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio, Texas is a premiere show cavern and tourist destination in 2015. Today, visitors to the caverns have seven ways to experience this underground splendor.

  1. Adventure Tours:  Guests climb, hike and rappel hidden cavern passages with no handrails. The tour is physically demanding and involves cave spelunking. 
  2. Amaze'n Ranch Roundup:  Guests explore a maze with a cattle ranch theme. There are three towers, a bridge and four checkpoints throughout the maze.
  3. Bracken Bat Flight:  The bats flee the cave each night to hunt for insects. Guests may witness the awe-inspiring largest bat colony emerge from the cavern as night approaches.
  4. Discovery Tour:  A guide escorts guests 180 feet below ground, through the first ½ mile of the majestic underground caverns on the Discover Tour. Ancient cave formations, such as chandeliers, flowstones, stalagmites, stalactites and more will amaze guests. 
  5. Gem and Fossil Mining:  Children of all ages will enjoy mining for gems and fossils through a series of troughs, known as a sluice. Guests sift dirt and rocks with a screen tray searching for valuable gemstones, arrowheads or fossils.
  6. Hidden Passage Tour:  On the Hidden Passage Tour, guests explore huge underground chambers with the assistance of a guide. Visitors experience total darkness on this tour when all the lights are turned off. Only brave patrons should take this tour.
  7. Lantern Tour:  The 9 a.m. tour is lit only by lanterns carried by the tour guide and guests. Waves of color and formations are revealed in a spectacular manner by lantern light.


*Photo courtesy of Natural Bridge Caverns by Ritesh3 at Flickr’s Creative Commons.



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