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5 Breathtaking Atlanta Museums to Put on Your List

Atlanta, Georgia is a stunning cache of the South’s cultural and artistic legacy. The place is filled with charming art galleries, cultural centers and tiny, lesser-known museums that offer more than a glimpse of America’s ingenious past and imaginative present. Here is a list of five m ...

San Diego's Top 5 Tourist Attractions

San Diego is the oldest and second biggest city in California. Despite having enchanting natural beauty and a climate with plenty of sunshine, it has long been overshadowed by it's glamorous neighbors Los Angeles and San Francisco.San Diego is located right at the edge of the Pacific, therefore ...

The 5 Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Often called the world’s “Entertainment Capital,” Las Vegas does not only have the finest entertainment avenues, but also hosts some of the best luxury hotels across the globe.Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and do not forget the sunglasses; we're taking you to ...